Want The Perfect Fit?

Look over the specifications for all of Luxer One solutions:

Luxer Locker Spec Sheet

  • Luxer One offers five locker modules you can mix and match to fit your specific needs. Download this specifications sheet to map out what your ideal locker solution could look like.

Luxer Rooms Spec Sheet

  • The Luxer Room can turn any existing room or closet into an incredible automated package room. Download this specifications sheet for details on the touchscreen design and our recommended placement.

Luxer Fridge Spec Sheet

  • Luxer Fridge combines Luxer One’s proprietary locking technology with True Refrigeration®‘s trusted products to bring you the best and most secure commercial refrigerator on the market. Accept perishable deliveries with an elegant and fully integrated refrigerator that works seamlessly with your Luxer Lockers system.