Luxer Rooms

By LockerMD

Go beyond secured access with monitoring, package logs and resident support.

why to choose luxer one

Luxer Room Key Features

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As package sizes and volumes vary, you have the flexibility to stay organized.

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24/7 video surveillance monitors the entire room & improves customer service.

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Powered by Apple iOS, the worlds most secure operating system.

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Real-time monitoring with 99.9% uptime.

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Real-time synchronization.
Powerful Apple iOS software & flexible user portals with live sync.

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Award-winning tech-team with on-site service!

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Seamless integration with Luxer Lockers.

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Luxer Lens - OCR technology captures and reads package labels for faster, accurate delivery.

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100% Solution

Accepts packages of all shapes and sizes. Great for move-ins and holiday overflow.

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Integrates with most existing door strikes, mag locks or electronic access control hardware.

Flexibility and Service

Electronic Security

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  • Controlled access via touch pad or mobile device, ensures safety and access to resident packages. Automated alters notify residents of package delivery. Adding refrigeration improves security of meal-kits, flowers, and prescriptions.

Package Logging

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  • Package logging software provides visibility to all package details including carrier information, package details and delivery and pick up times. This enables property teams to assist residents and audit the package room to reduce clutter. 

24/7 Monitored Activity 

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  • 24/7 surveillance cameras are monitored by Luxer One , and include accessibility for property teams. This assists Luxer support in helping residents locate packages that may have been moved and captures malicious activity.

Package Room Support

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  • Luxer One provides 24/7 resident support. Monitoring aids in verifying residents and helping with misplaced packages. In addition, our local operation teams are available to help with any hardware or software issues that require on-site assistance.

See How It Works

“I'm certain that Bigos Management made the right decision by using LockerMD/Luxer One for its' package rooms and lockers.”

Construction Manager