Luxer Liaison

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Free your staff to focus on resident satisfaction with effortless package management.

why choose luxer one liaison

Luxer Liaison Key Features

Increase Staff Efficiency

Free up on-site staff to focus on leasing, operational efficiencies and revenue opportunities.

Unlock Cash Flow

With transparent Luxer-as-a-Service pricing, reduce your capital investment and generate positive cash flow for your properties.

Add Value

Gain rave reviews from residents and increase the perception and value of your properties.

With package volume up nearly 40% in just 18 months, some properties need a little extra help to keep packages flowing. Luxer Liaisons are on the job!

Who Are Luxer Liaisons?

Luxer Liaisons are dedicated onsite package experts, who become an extended part of your team. They can help with:

Proactive System Management

Regular audits, room organization, scanning undelivered packages.

Door to Door

Distribute oversized / overflow packages directly to residents.

Onsite "Fast Line"

Direct connection to Luxer One support for quicker resolution.

Carrier Training

Improve delivery success rates with carrier relationship building and education.

Customized For You

We can customize the Liaison service to accommodate a wide variety of package management needs, property sizes and budgets.

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1-3 visits/week

For propierties needing a

little extra help with package management


5-7 visits/week

For propierties who need a daily package

management partner

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This premium service is being rolled out to select Luxer One customers. Reach out today to learn more about how to get Liaison help at your property!

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Since using the Liaison service, our package room has been much more organized! Our Liaisons, Chase and Victor, have been extremely helpful in responding to residents with any issues that arise regarding their packages. We are very pleased with the Liaison service!

Amy Chen

Atwater Chicago