How Do Package Management Systems Enhance Residents' Experience?

Efficient Package Management with Luxer One

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Key Highlights

Luxer One, with over 15 years in the package management industry, provides superior package delivery solutions for a variety of industries.

The cutting edge technology features of Luxer One systems streamline package handling, ensuring secure, efficient, and contactless delivery tailored to various property types - from small to large, class A to affordable and senior housing.

Delivering smart locker systems and unsurpassed software, Luxer One provides 100% package acceptance, even during peak seasons like the holiday period, enhancing resident satisfaction significantly.

Apart from a robust product offering, Luxer One also offers seamless integration with existing property management systems and continuous customer service, making it an ideal partner for multifamily communities and managers.

Looking ahead, Luxer One continues to adapt to the changing landscape of package management, meeting future trends head-on with its commitment to innovation and excellence.


In today's digital age, where e-commerce has become an integral part of our lives, the management of package deliveries is a complex issue that properties face. Amid this backdrop, one solution provider stands out – Luxer One. With over 15 years of experience in providing package management to the  multifamily industry, Luxer One not only understands the intricacies involved in managing parcel deliveries but is also at the forefront in providing innovative and efficient package management solutions. What truly sets Luxer One apart from other system providers is their dedicated commitment to efficiency, security, and convenience. From the system design to touchpad functionality, Luxer One focuses on the entire “3-legged stool” to provide the best experience for property teams, residents and carriers. This blog introduces Luxer One's unparalleled package management experience, highlighting why it is considered the top choice among multifamily properties seeking to enhance their package delivery and storage capabilities.

Importance of efficient package management

With the continued rise in e-commerce and home deliveries, efficient package management has become more vital than ever before. It brings together a slew of benefits, such as improved security, reduced risk of lost or stolen packages, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Moreover, given the increase in parcel volume, especially during peak seasons like the holiday period, having an effective package management system ensures smoother operations and increased productivity, thereby allowing multifamily communities or leasing offices to focus on their core responsibilities.

Introducing Luxer One as a leading solution provider

Luxer One, a premier name in the package management solution industry, is dedicated to revolutionizing how the world receives packages. With a singular focus on improving efficiency and convenience, Luxer One provides superior package locker solutions applicable to a variety of settings, catering to the unique needs of residential, retail, office, and educational institutions. Leveraging the power of technology and the promise of unparalleled service, Luxer One offers a comprehensive platform that brings together all the elements needed for secure and contactless delivery and storage of parcels.

Luxer One - The #1 Partner in Package Management Solutions

In today's increasingly digital world, seamless package management becomes a critical part of any facility or property's operations. Luxer One delivers an unrivaled package management experience, making it the #1 choice among multifamily buildings seeking superior service. With its mission of "relentlessly improving how the world receives goods," Luxer One continues to raise the bar in package management, providing 100% package acceptance while ensuring improved resident satisfaction and time efficiency for staff and delivery teams.

Market position and partnerships

As a globally recognized industry leader, Luxer One boasts an impressive and broad market position. This has been achieved not just by its robust products but also through multiple strategic partnerships with leading organizations across different verticals. In the multifamily sector, Luxer One remains the most preferred package locker solution, thanks to its commitment to innovation and excellence. Its technology-driven approach, coupled with the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, resonates well with clientele who appreciate the company's constant efforts to improve and evolve. Luxer One's solid reputation in the market is evident in the testimonials and reviews from satisfied property managers, residents, and package delivery carriers.

Key features and benefits of Luxer One systems

Luxer One stands with its best-in-class features and benefits that are designed to deliver an exceptional, low-hassle package management experience.

  • Unmatched Uptime: Luxer One boasts a 99.9% uptime, owing to the robustness of its software suite.
  • System monitoring and video surveillance: While most systems are remotely monitored for uptime to ensure they are running, Luxer One is a huge step ahead by providing 24/7 video surveillance and monitoring to keep a close eye not just on your system, but on all of the parcels and the activity taking place within your Luxer One system.
  • 100% Package Acceptance: Luxer One's systems are designed to accept all packages, irrespective of size, ensuring that not a single delivery is missed. Their moto? “If it ships, it fits!”
  • 24/7 Accessibility: Users have round-the-clock access to the lockers, offering them the flexibility of retrieving their packages at their own convenience.
  • Outstanding Customer Support: Luxer One provides 24/7 support for carriers, residents, and communities, ready to solve any queries or issues instantly.

Tailored Solutions: Luxer One offers solutions that are specifically tailored to suit various property types and their individual needs.

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