Luxer One Outdoor Lockers

For garden style properties and developments with limited interior space, Luxer One provides a great option. Rather than having one or two lockers in each building or an undersized closet acting as a package room, you can utilize economies of scale by having a central outdoor system.

All of Luxer One’s lockers are manufactured in the U.S. with 12-gauge, heavy-duty corrosion-resistant steel with long-lasting powder coat paint. Designed to be ADA compliant and iOS-powered for a tamper resistant, intuitive user experience. Video surveillance is a standard service and includes video archiving and research to reduce property team time and ensure 24/7 security is in place.

Luxer One’s Outdoor Lockers have some special features to ensure safety and protection against the element:

If you're curious about Luxer One's Outdoor Lockers and if they can work for your property, reach out to us. We're pros in package management, so you don't have to be. Contact Us

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