Increase capacity with multi-package delivery

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Consolidating packages increases capacity

Luxer One offers an optional feature for locker systems called multi-package delivery. This feature allows mail carriers to deliver additional packages to a locker that is already occupied, as long as the additional packages are for the same recipient. This frees up space in your locker system, increasing capacity!

Easier for residents

Consolidating multiple deliveries into a single locker for one recipient will improve the recipient’s pick-up experience. Rather than having to input multiple access codes to open several lockers, a recipient will be able to use just one access code to retrieve their packages efficiently from one locker. Included below is some additional information about multi-package delivery. Let us know  if you would like to enable this feature for your Luxer One locker system.

The carrier experience

  • A single carrier (UPS, FedEX, Amazon…) may use multi-package delivery to add a package to a locker that is already occupied. (Ex: UPS delivers a package to locker #4 for Elizabeth. Another UPS mail carrier will be prompted to add additional packages to locker #4 for Elizabeth. (Other carriers such as USPS or FedEx will not be able to add additional packages to the locker for Elizabeth.)
  • Carriers are given an option to deliver to a vacant locker rather than adding to a locker using multi-package delivery. This is helpful if a locker is already at capacity.

Notifications and fees

  • The “return to sender” timer is reset if a new delivery is added to a locker. (Ex: A location has a 5-day return policy. Elizabeth receives a UPS delivery to locker #4 on January 1st. On January 4th, a UPS carrier delivers an additional package for Elizabeth  into locker #4. Betty’s packages will be marked return to sender on January 9th if she does not pick them up.)
  • If a package is part of a multi-package delivery, reassigning the package in Building Manager reassigns all of the packages associated with the multi-package delivery to the new recipient.
  • Delivery notifications sent to residents will specify if the package is part of a multi-package delivery.
  • If you have implemented storage fees, they are accrued only for the first delivery placed into the locker. Additional packages placed into the same locker do not accrue separate storage fees.

Multi-package delivery is customizable

  • You may choose to enable multi-package delivery year-round or only during a specific date range when you anticipate a high volume of deliveries, such as during the holiday season.
  • You may disable multi-package delivery for specific mail carriers if you find that certain mail carriers at your location use the feature properly while others do not.

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